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Maximize Your Exposure: TV and Radio Opportunities for Small Businesses, Startups and Professionals.

Launch of Boomopolis.tv – Making It Easy for Professionals to Get on Reality Shows, Talk Shows, Commercials and the Radio

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SUMMARY: Boomopolis.tv is a free matchmaking service for TV producers and the professionals they need to cast for their reality shows, game shows, talk shows and commercials. Producers post casting notices on the website, and potential subject experts apply by submitting their profile.  Alternatively, producers can search the website for the specific talent they desire and initiate contact.

LOS ANGELES, May 15, 2013

Want to be on TV?  Just a few decades ago, there was very little chance for non-professional actors to get that opportunity, but in the last few decades, the proliferation of nonfiction content has exploded – making it easier than ever to get on talk shows, reality shows, game shows, even commercials.  But this has also created some challenges.  For talent, applying to different shows can be time consuming and frustrating, and it’s hard to know what is being cast at any given time. As for producers, they often have to spend days searching the Internet and managing the numerous emails they receive to find the exact talent they need for their show.

Boomopolis.tv solves both problems by having a directory of subject experts who are ready and willing to be cast.  They each have a photo and detailed information on themselves and what type of shows they’d be good for. With a click of a button, they can apply to numerous shows simultaneously, and the producers can easily manage all their favorite applicants from within the website.  Additionally, producers can post their casting notices, find appropriate talent and contact them directly to set up an interview.

“As a reality TV producer myself, I felt it took too much time and energy to find the participants for my episodes,” says E.S. Aaronson – founder of Boomopolis.tv.  “I knew that there had to be a better way.”  In addition to having each applicant show up on the producer’s profile, producers can also search by location, gender, age range, ethnicity, height, body type, marital status and subject expertise.  Once they find the applicants they’re interested in, they can add them to their favorites, so the days of sorting through numerous emails from applicants is over. On camera talent can filter their search by the type of show and even whether there is pay or compensation involved.

“It literally takes 3 minutes to create a profile and start submitting to these shows, and the best part, it’s totally free.”  The site makes money through featured ads and concierge services where producers might need a specialized type of search by a Boomopolis staff member.

While the majority of real people appear on TV just for fun or to win prizes, many subject matter experts often give interviews to get better exposure for their business. “A perfect example is a real estate broker commenting on the state of the housing market for a talk show segment,” says Aaronson, “or a small business expert being the judge on a business reality show.”

Many celebrities have benefited greatly from first appearing on reality shows and game shows. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Farrah Fawcett appeared on The Dating Game before they were famous, and Elizabeth Hasselback (host of The View) was originally a contestant on Survivor.  “The list goes on and on – Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium), Jo Frost (Super Nanny), Bethenny Frankel (Real Housewives). These people were able to parlay their reality show participation into other avenues – books, businesses, etc. We’re not saying everyone wants to be a huge star, but if you do, being on one of these shows is one possible route,” says Aaronson. “Your 15 minutes of fame can literally begin today, and it only takes 3 minutes to get started.”

To sign up as an expert or producer, visit http://boomopolis.tv, call 818-538-4011 or email growth@boomopolis.tv

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For Further Information Contact:
E.S. Aaronson, Co-founder, Boomopolis.tv
Phone: 818-538-4011
Twitter: @boomopolis
Email: growth@boomopolis.tv

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